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Although the path is challenging, it is on the path that we learn that the teachings are everywhere, in everything and at all times. I have been a Christian since I was twelve years old. There have been times when I have strayed; but through His grace He has guided me and provided me with the experiences needed to learn the next lesson and to return to the path with more vigor than ever before.

Having spent 30 years as a teacher and having taught every grade from two to year three at University, God has graced me with many experiences. I was a professional musician for a few years and have continued part time with music my whole life. The majority of my time was engaged in the counselling of youth. Presently, Faith Mentor has provided an avenue for Mentor and Coach Training for Churches and leaders within churches.

The purpose of this web site "Faith Mentor" is to provide mentor strategies and training for churches, team building, community support and to strengthen church leadership with a focus on youth development.

"Holding on to Jesus is not a decision of the moment; but rather a journey for a lifetime." Wayne Townsend

Reflections - "We Are In This Mess Together."
I spent the last six years researching the question: "What Would It Take For Youth To Come To Church." There is a growing challenge for churches to act quickly about responding to "Social Innovation Within The Church." Reginald Bibby in his work supporting churches comes to the same conclusions that churches in Canada are starting to wake up and make changes. Bibby is positive that the church can recover from declining attendance, bankruptcy, mergers and receivership.